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Weighing the Bodybuilding Effects of Winstrol

Winstrol is the popular brand name of the chemical compound stanozolol. Winstrol 's popularity is made obvious by a number of positive doping cases. Most publicized cases of Winstrol use include mixed martial artists Phil Baroni and Tim Sylvia; heptathlete Lyudmila Blonska; and Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson. MLB 's Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens have been alleged of using this steroid. There are, of course, the countless pro bodybuilders who tested positive for this compound, among them Shawn Ray and Nimrod King.

Why is Winstrol a popular drug choice among bodybuilders?

Winstrol is a versatile drug, and it's for several reasons. For one, Winstrol is available in two forms - oral and injectable. This offers convenience to you as a steroid user. If you have low pain threshold, you can always depend on the oral Winstrol to provide great bodybuilding rewards.

Winstrol in any form displays greater anabolic activity more than androgenic effects. This is the reason why Winstrol is one of the few anabolic agents that is recommended for women and novices. This drug has a large oral bioavailability because it is c-17 alpha-alkylated. Take note that both injectable and oral Winstrol have this alteration, thus caution is advised against using this steroid in prolonged cycles. Similarly, you must not practice overdosing with Winstrol.

But which is the better Winstrol?

Many bodybuilders who have used both preparations would vote for the injectable Winstrol Depot for two reasons. First, is for financial consideration - you'll save money when you use the injectable since it's cheaper. Second, Wisntrol Depot is reportedly less stressful to the liver.

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Winstrol Depot , unlike most steroids designed for intramuscular injection, is not esterified. Esters are usually attached to injectable steroids to make them more lipophilic, which literally translates to as "oil-loving". Without an ester, Winstrol easily dissolves in water, a characteristic that is both an asset and a drawback. As water soluble, Winstrol delivers immediate anabolism, but the downside is it requires frequent injection, which is at least every second day, to maintain an ideal blood level.

Winstrol is a precursor of dihydrotestosterone, which prevents it from aromatizing into female hormones called estrogens. Thus, when you use Winstrol water retention is rarely experienced. From this characteristic, you'll have an idea that Winstrol is more ideal for cutting phase as it is very capable of delivering harder and well-defined physique. However, because of its low androgenic component, it should be taken with a compound with satisfactory androgenic activity, such as Parabolan . This stack assures that you will be able to hold on to muscle mass you've accumulated during bulking. Anavar (oxandrolone), Equipoise ( boldenone ), or testosterone are likewise recommended to be stacked with Winstrol during cutting or contest preparation.

The recommended dosage of Winstrol for men is 25mg-50mg per day; some go for 100mg per day for more pronounced gains. For women, around 5mg-10mg per day is enough to deliver adequate muscle strength and mass gains. If females are opting for the injectable version, they can divide a 50mg-ampule into a minimum of two dosages.

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