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Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone Propionate Positive Effects on the Body

To give you an idea of how effective testosterone propionate is in inducing muscle mass growth and strength, a discussion of the assets of the natural testosterone is required.

Testosterone is considered to be the most important of the male sex hormones or androgens. Testosterone is known as the hormone that makes a man "manly". It is responsible for the development and maintenance of the male secondary sexual characteristics - development of penis, prostate and the scrotum; hair growth in the face, arms, legs, and in between; and promotion of sexual drive. The fact that testosterone is produced by the testicles is the reason why many are prone to believe that this hormone is only for the promotion of sexual and reproductive functions in men. The thing is testosterone does have extragenital functions, fulfilling vital roles in the maintenance of the overall well being of males. In fact, testosterone - despite it being tagged as a male hormone - also improves the health and appearance of women. Yes, even women have this hormone.

Here's a short list of testosterone effects on the body.

  • It exerts anti-aging effects.
  • It improves bone density.
  • It helps in cognitive functioning.
  • It provides assertiveness and aggression.
  • It facilitates muscle growth.

This last effect of testosterone is the reason why anabolic-androgenic steroids like testosterone propionate appeal to bodybuilders and athletes,

Since steroids mimic the effects of endogenous testosterone in the body, thus testosterone propionate performs all of the above as well. However, since you're a bodybuilder who wants to know how testosterone propionate can be your anabolic aid, let's focus on the effects of this steroid on muscle mass growth and strength.

Testosterone propionate, often called test prop, has an anabolic/androgenic ratio of 1:1 and that means that its anabolic activity (relating to the development of muscle mass) is equal to its androgenic activity (relating to the development of male secondary sexual characteristics). Actually, this is the ratio of all testosterone compounds and testosterone propionate is no exception. Testosterone compounds only differ in their delivery because of the attachment of esters such as propionate . You must remember that esters only affect the release time of the drug from the injection site and not the potency or efficacy of testosterone . The ester in this case is propionate which has a relatively shorter active life than other testosterone esters like cypionate and enanthate . Since testosterone propionate has a shorter ester, it is released more quickly into the bloodstream. Thus, frequent injection is necessary to maintain blood levels; otherwise, you're not going to get much anabolism as the drug becomes ineffective when the blood level tapers down.

Testosterone propionate is for gaining cycles as it aromatizes. However, testosterone propionate does not cause water retention as much as that observed with other testosterone esters. Thus, it is one of the most popular testosterone compounds today because of this asset. It is also one the most expensive due to its high demand.

Testosterone propionate effective dose starts at 300mg to 2000mg per week for men. For women, the dosage is 50mg-100mg per week. 

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