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  • Testosterone boosting anabolic
  • Great to stack with orals like AnVar and Winni
  • Longer half-life
  • Increases lean, big, hard muscle mass

British Dragon Gear produces a brand of Sustenon called Sustenon 250  *.

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Sustanon is a mixture of four testosterone esters namely testosterone phenylpropionate, isocoproate, decanoate and propionate. This is the first of its kind to ever be released in the market. This drug was developed and manufactured by Organon, the same company who brought Deca Durabolin in the market.

This compound has strong androgenic effects and promotes high anabolic results in the body. Sustanon is ideal for increasing muscle mass because it converts into a very potent dihydrotestosterone. The strong anabolic property of this drug stimulates the protein synthesis in the body. This process causes the development of new muscle tissues and enlarges the existing muscles. Aside from this anabolic effect, Sustanon also enhances the regeneration process of the cells, thereby increasing the healing process of the body. It also slows down the muscle wasting or deterioration caused by certain diseases.

Furthermore, this compound allows efficient delivery of oxygen to various parts of the body. Oxygen plays an important role the production of red blood cells in the blood stream. It also helps the muscle cells in manufacturing energy or adenosine triphosphate which prevents lactic acid from accumulating. The production of lactic acid within the cells results to respiration that causes muscle cramps and fatigue during physical activities.

Sustanon converts into estrogen when it interacts with aromatase enzyme; thereby estrogenic effects are likely to occur. One manifestation of these estrogen-related effects is the development of smooth and flabby muscle tissues which can be minimized if regular dose is administered. The smooth muscles produced are the results of the fats and water retained in the muscle tissues.

But since Sustanon causes the accumulation of unwanted fats and fluid in the body, increased body weight, blood pressure and cholesterol level are inevitable consequences. This drug also has other side effects, similar to that of testosterone. Some of these are acne formation, high level of aggression, sweating even during minimal activity, premature baldness, and suppressed sexual drives. In rare cases, males develop an enlargement of the breasts known as gynecomastia due to the presence of estrogen. Sustanon is not recommended to females. This is due to some virilizing effects that may develop. Virilizing effects include hoarsening of the voice, appearance of facial hair like beard and menstrual irregularities.

Sustanon is given once in a week at a usual amount of 250mg to a maximum dose of 1000mg. Some advanced users, though, administer high dosage reaching up to 2000mg but of course, more side effects are possible to manifest.

Before you buy Sustanon, you must remember that this drug is controlled and regulated. It means that if you want to purchase this anabolic steroid, you need to secure a prescription from your doctor; otherwise you will be given legal sanctions. This can be purchased in pharmacies, gyms and internet stores. But availing from pharmacies and gyms is quite a hassle - that is why most buyers tend to do their orders via the internet. Online store is the easiest way to find credible source of Sustanon.

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