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How to get a kick from Equipoise

Equipoise , also referred to as EQ , is an injectable version of the chemical compound boldenone with the undecylenate ester attached. It has been developed for veterinary purposes, and is commonly used on horses to improve lean body weight, promote ideal growth of coat, and boost appetite, among others. Despite being a veterinary steroid, Equipoise is popular among athletes and bodybuilders because of its many favorable bodybuilding characteristics.

Equipoise is a derivative of testosterone and displays high anabolic effect and moderate androgenic action. It exerts anabolism via several mechanisms. For starters, this compound promotes positive nitrogen balance in the body. Just how vital nitrogen balance is in bodybuilding? Nitrogen is an important component in protein synthesis, a process that is primarily involved in building, maintaining, and repairing of muscle tissues. In order for your body to achieve protein synthesis, nitrogen balance is necessary.

A positive nitrogen balance is achieved when nitrogen retention is greater than nitrogen excretion. A positive nitrogen balance is an indication that protein formation is occurring, eventually leading to building of tissues (anabolism). If nitrogen excretion is greater than nitrogen retention, then you are in negative nitrogen balance, an indication that tissue destruction is taking place.

Equipoise also promotes erythropoiesis, the production of erythrocytes, also known as red blood cells . Erythropoiesis promotes ideal oxygen and nutrient transport in the body leading to improved endurance. Equipoise can increase blood volume up to 20%, resulting to increased work output and duration. This is what makes it popular among strength athletes.

Equipoise aromatizes to estrogen, a characteristic particularly problematic to male steroid users. Estrogen is the female steroid hormone which is produced in the ovaries and it is responsible in the development and maintenance of female secondary sexual characteristics. As such, when androgens convert to estrogen in the male body problems like water retention and development of breast tissues (gynecomastia) arise. It is important to note here that this hormone is also present in males but in significantly lower levels. Just like in females, estrogen is also involved in sexual and reproductive functioning in males.

Males take Equipoise at 200mg - 400mg per week. Women are, of course, advised to take lower dosages with 50mg-75mg per week for favorable gains. Occurrence of side effects with Equipoise is associated with higher dosages. Those who have tried Equipoise and ran it for 12 weeks report rare side effects.

Equipoise is well known for its versatility; you can use it during mass and strength cycles, as well as during cutting. If you're after muscle mass and strength gains, Equipoise can be used in conjunction with Sustanon or Anadrol . Meanwhile, if you're looking for pure, lean muscle gains you can stack this steroid with Winstrol or trenbolone.

If you're an athlete who undergoes testing, Equipoise is not advisable since it tends to stay for an extended period of time in the system; its metabolites can be detected even after months after intake stoppage. This is a concern with steroids which have long esters like Equipoise. Deca Durabolin is also known for this drawback. 

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