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Tips When Buying Steroids

Below are the things you must keep in mind when you buy steroids.

How to buy steroids

The first thing you need to know about steroids before you buy them is that they are scheduled drugs. Although steroids are not considered illegal drugs, buying them without prescription is considered an illegal act. And what happens when you commit an illegal act? Yes - you guessed right - you can land in jail!

Federal law states that possession or sale of anabolic steroids is punishable with a maximum penalty of one year imprisonment and a minimum fine of $1000. That is if it's your first offense; the penalties double if it's your second violation. This law applies to the buyer, which is you; and the seller, which is your source. And remember that authorities, particularly those from the DEA, often disguise themselves buyers or sellers of steroids to get you. Ever heard of the term buy-bust operation? This is one of the common methods that law enforcement use to entrap non-medical users of steroids . The advice is you buy steroids from trusted sources only.

Where to buy steroids

Because of their legal status, there's always the danger of getting caught when you buy steroids. Buying steroids directly from your source offer greater risks than buying steroids from an online source. Thus, many opt to buy steroids from online pharmacies. You can buy steroids from steroid sites without prescription and many of these sites offer discreet and convenient transactions, accepting virtually all modes of payment.

However, even here you can encounter dangers when you buy steroids , and these dangers are in the form of scammers. Scammers are people who are only after one thing - your money! Scammers give you underdosed or contaminated products and oftentimes they won't even send the gear you buy. A definite tell-tale sign the site is a bogus when it offers unbelievably low prices for steroids to entice you to buy from them. Another sign that it's a scammer is it does not approve credit card payments and only accept wire payments, the legitimate steroid suppliers accept credit cards.

The trick is to you should do some research first before you buy steroids over the Internet. Check out scammers list. Read online steroid forums and message boards on bodybuilding and steroids. If you like, you can post your questions on one of these but don't reveal personal details, such as your name and location.

What steroids to buy

If you're a pro with steroids , you can skip this part. If not and it's your first time to buy and use steroids , this is a must-read.

Before you buy steroids, decide first what your bodybuilding priority is. Are you going to buy steroids to bulk up, amassing muscle mass gains as much as possible. Or do you intend to have a ripped look? Remember that steroids are not alike, they provide varied bodybuilding results. Different steroids also cause different side effects; other steroids are more risky to buy and use than others. Oral steroids are generally c-17 alpha-alkylated and they may pose health risks, especially if used for prolonged periods. Steroids meant for intramuscular injections, meanwhile, tend to stay in the body for longer periods, but also pose a health risk if abused.


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