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Beginner Bulking Stack
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Beginner Bulking Stack*


Beginner Bulking Stack Includes:

2 x Deca 250 (Decca 250)
2 x Trenbolone (Finaplix) 75 (Tren Fina 75)
2 x Dianabol (D-bolic)



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Week Decca 250 D-bolic Tren-Fina
1 2 caps/day 2 caps/day 2 caps/day
2 2 caps/day 2 caps/day 2 caps/day
3 3 caps/day 3 caps/day 3 caps/day
4 3 caps/day 3 caps/day 3 caps/day
5 4 caps/day 4 caps/day 4 caps/day
6 4 caps/day 4 caps/day 4 caps/day
7 1 caps/day 1 caps/day 1 caps/day
8 1 caps/day 1 caps/day 1 caps/day

This amazing cyle will put on mass fast! Use these mass bulking compounds with a good bulking diet and you'll get big.  Many users report fast gains and good long term mass increase within the first 2-4 weeks.  If you have a smaller frame, this is a cycle for you.

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